Sunday, March 12, 2006

How to Chat on Noisecontrol IRC

First - Download a Compatible Client.

You can find them at - Opera is actually a web browser that can IRC.

Run the client - It should give you a nice GUI User Interface.

Under File in Mirc
You should have some Server Options.
Where it asks for a server put
Remember to stick with port 6667. Most servers run on this port. There should be two little lightning rods in the upper left hand corner of the client. Click them to connect.

When X-Chat Loads - It automatically should open the server window. Add a new server, click Edit (to the right of where you added the server name). And on the top line, put If "use a proxy server" is selected, uncheck the box. When you are all done with the edit screen, click Close. Then click connect.

If you've read all of this - Opera, should be pretty self explanitory. In the tools menu - select mail and chat accounts, create a chat account, and add a new server. Make the server Then click connect. And join one of the channels that come up. A preferred start channel is #noisecontrol.


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